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Mrs. Al Hirschfeld, his daughter, Nina, Margo Feiden, and the entire Gallery Family, want to say Thank You to those who have expressed sympathy at the passing of Mr. Hirschfeld, and to those who have paid such great homage to his work.
We ask for your patience as we try to personally answer all the correspondence we receive.

The End

Dear Clients & Visitors to our Gallery:
On Friday, January 17, Al Hirschfeld signed his final edition of lithographs. It was this Charlie Chaplin, shown walking away, inspired by the close of many Chaplin silent films in which Chaplin strode away from the viewer. Its title:

"The End."

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welcomes you to the extraordinary world of
AL HIRSCHFELD. We have been Hirschfeld's exclusive Gallery and agent since 1969, and proudly offer you his orginal pen and
ink drawings, paintings, and limited-edition
hand-signed lithographs.

for the reproduction of AL HIRSCHFELD'S

Please beware of others who
claim to be selling his art. We constantly see fraudulent items for sale.

Books available for sale through the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd. !
NEW! Hirschfeld's Harlem, $75

Hirschfeld On Line, Regular Edition, $59.95
Hirschfeld On Line, Limited Edition, $375
Handsigned and numbered by Al Hirschfeld
Hirschfeld The Speakeasies of 1932, $32.95
Newly published and not yet in bookstores, the book carries the embossed seal of the Margo Feiden Galleries on its title page. First editon, first printing.
Please telephone the Gallery at 212.677.5330 or e-mail to purchase any of these books.

The Birthday Gift

June 21, 2002

Dear Al, and whosoever shall read this,

Once again I was met with the adventure of selecting a gift for your birthday on June 21st. This became a more daunting job than it would seem: You and I have been together for 33 years—so that's been, how many presents so far? Thirty-two birthday presents, 33 half-birthday presents (a tradition between us), and many Chanukah gifts—a total of almost 100 gifts in all. The first one (remember?) was an electric pencil sharpener that would light up and sing while it sharpened. More recently I gifted you with one of those gripper things that you could use to pick up the personal letters you write—which by habit get thrown on the floor of your studio until they are ready to be
stamped and mailed.

But now, completely out of ideas for more gadgets and gifts, I awakened one morning with an idea, and so: the Gallery asked our favorite friends and clients to record their birthday wishes for you and the world to see and hear. When we began deciding whom to invite onto the website, we found our cup gushing over, and for this reason—and because all birthdays should be celebrated for at least a year—we've decided to keep these felicitations and personal anecdotes online for this year, adding to them
as appropriate.

This is my gift. My birthday wishes are the total of those that you will hear,
and then some.

Oh yes—and when you've finished listening to all your accolades, you can go to our Online Gallery and look at all your work!

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© Al Hirschfeld. Please note, Al Hirschfeld's works can NOT be reproduced without special arrangement with Hirschfeld's exclusive representative,
The Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York.

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