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Madison Avenue Gallery
Photograph by LAP ©2002

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Al Hirschfeld
Map of Manhattan, 1939

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Facade of
Madison Avenue, New York

© Rocco J Callari, pen and ink drawing, 1994

This drawing of the Gallery was commissioned by the United Nations Postal Administration for use as the Official Cachet Cover Art for the
Protection For Refugees stamp issue, of the
United Nations Postal Administration, 1994.

Margo Feiden was appointed by the
World Federation of
United Nations Associations as
The Director of the Arts & Visions Project
for the United Nation's 50 th Anniversary.


Al Hirschfeld on Madison Avenue
© Edward Keating The New York Times

(The New York Times, 1994)
A Portrait of the Artist on a City Street

Al Hirschfeld, the 91-year-old artist who specializes
in drawings of Broadway figures, drew a 40-foot
self portrait outside his gallery at Madison Avenue and
62nd Street. Mr. Hirschfeld hides the name of his daughter Nina in each drawing; this one has five Ninas


Al Hirschfeld on Madison Avenue
© Photograph by Bolivar Arellano, New York Post, 1994

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© Al Hirschfeld. Please note, Al Hirschfeld's works can NOT be reproduced without special arrangement with Hirschfeld's exclusive representative,
The Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York.