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Marlene Dietrich, "Falling In Love Again"
Hand signed by Al Hirschfeld
Limited-Edition Lithograph
Edition Size: 300
27" (h) x 21" (w)

European visitors to my Gallery, especially of Dolly Hass Hirschfeld's generation, speak of Dolly with such respect and awe, commenting not that she had married Hirschfeld—but that Al Hirschfeld had married Dolly Haas.

Inevitably, comparisons were then made between Dolly and Marlene Dietrich. And so I'll make a few comparisons, too.

Dolly and Marlene were born in the same decade, both in Germany. They both had stellar careers in film and cabaret. Both women had fathers in the military; and both women were fiercely outspoken against the Third Reich.

They both were androgynous, both were cross-dressers—that is, professionally; it's safe to say that some of their best work was done in pants!

Both ladies acted for Alfred Hitchcock. (Dolly told me that from the moment filming started, Hitchcock had already mapped out every camera angle, every shot down to the smallest prop—and every actors' glimpse in every scene. "The actors," Dolly said, "were just his necessary inconveniences."

But Marlene's and Dolly's lives diverged when Dolly chose marriage and family life above an acting career. Domestic bliss seemed to evade Dietrich.

The visitors to my Gallery had no way of knowing this, but when Marlene chose a New York abode, she became Al and Dolly's neighbor. (Can you image Marlene Dietrich knocking on your door for a cup of sugar?)

Marlene Dietrich passed away in 1992; Dolly in 1994. Both the Marlene Dietrich Collection and the Dolly Hass Hirschfeld Collection are permanently housed in the Filmmuseum Berlin.

They are together, again.

© Al Hirschfeld: Al Hirschfeld's work may be reproduced
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The Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd., New York