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classicalLeonard Bernstein and Maximilian Schell Present Beethoven
Original Crow Quill Pen & Ink Drawing on Artists’ Board
Hand signed in Ink by Al Hirschfeld

Commissioned by Public Broadcasting for their documentary series, "Bernstein/Beethoven" with Commentator, Maximilian Schell, aired in 1982
1981, 22" (h) x 28" (w)
Al Hirschfeld Archive #1179

Of all of Hirschfeld's joys in life, I think that none were closer to his heart than music. Hirschfeld drew musicians always with incredible fluidity; they were, perhaps, his favorite subjects. But out of the entire world of music, no one person was drawn as much as Leonard Bernstein. Hirschfeld was commissioned to draw Bernstein at least once in every decade from the 1950's to Bernstein's death in 1990.

I met Bernstein in the early 1970's at a party in his home. The maestro approached me and said, in a loud voice with drama and flourish: "Do you know who you are?" "I think so," I answered. But Bernstein obviously had a different idea in mind: "You are Miriam from the Bible!" he exclaimed. And from that night until his death, Leonard Bernstein always called me Miriam.

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