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Please enjoy browsing through our vast online Catalog of 75 years of AL HIRSCHFELD’S Work. This Website includes Al Hirschfeld’s Pen & Ink Drawings, Paintings, Watercolors and Gouaches—and Limited Editions, including numbered and hand signed Lithographs & Etchings. You can also find Books and Posters.

This Website includes Hirschfeld slide shows, A NEWS section, and recordings of the world’s most famous celebrities, contributing to this Website with Happy 99th Birthday wishes to Al Hirschfeld on what would be his last birthday.

Drawings by Al Hirschfeld Limited Editions by Al Hirschfeld Books on the artwork of Al Hirschfeld
The Tony Awards by Al Hirschfeld Charlie Chaplin - The End -  by Al Hirschfeld Hirschfeld On Line

The Tony Awards,...and the winner is... More Information

Charlie Chaplin, The End
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Hirschfeld On Line

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Giancarlo Esposito by al hirschfeld geoffrey holder by al hirschfeld I Love Lucy by Al Hirschfeld

Left: A HAPPY 56TH BIRTHDAY to GIANCARLO ESPOSITO! And MARGO FEIDEN sends this personal message: “Giancarlo, I am so proud of you!” This Hirschfeld shows Giancarlo in 1980 in the off-Broadway play, Zooman And The Sign. Giancarlo is perhaps best known as Gus Fring in Breaking Bad. Currently he is appearing in the NBC series Revolution as Major Tom Neville. Original Crow Quill Pen & Ink Drawing on Artists’ Board, Hand signed by Al Hirschfeld in ink, 1980, 27" x 22". Al Hirschfeld Archive #1583. More Information

Center: Geoffrey Holder: Actor, Dancer, Director, Choreographer, Artist, and “Un-Cola” Man. MARGO FEIDEN honors the memory of long-time client and fellow artist, GEOFFREY HOLDER, August 1, 1930 – October 5, 2014. On our Website you can hear Geoffrey Holder telling AL HIRSCHFELD, “You have been a great inspiration to me all my life.” If you would like to hear Geoffrey Holder’s famously rich voice say these words and more, go here and then click on the audio.

Right: THE MARGO FEIDEN GALLERIES LTD. celebrates the television premiere of I LOVE LUCY, October 15, 1951, with AL HIRSCHFELD’s take on the series. LUCILLE BALL and DESI ARNAZ found their television success with the blending of their real lives and the lives of their television characters. This meant that when Lucy was pregnant in real life, her on-screen character was also expecting. According to a post on Wikipedia, the episode LUCY GOES TO THE HOSPITAL (January 3, 1953) instantly became the most watched television program of all time—even topping viewership for GEN. DWIGHT EISENHOWER’s presidential inauguration the following morning. More Information

Mickey Rooney - Strike Up The Band Mickey Rooney in Sugar Babies

Mickey Rooney (September 23, 1920—April 6, 2014)

Left: The Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd. would like to honor our friend, client, and fellow Hirschfeld enthusiast, MICKEY ROONEY. Mickey’s stellar film career began when he was 7 years old, and was documented by the many Al Hirschfeld drawings of him that were commissioned for poster art. Above is the Hirschfeld poster of Mickey Rooney and JUDY GARLAND—touting PAUL WHITEMAN and his orchestra—in Strike Up The Band, 1940.  We note that Mickey Rooney has top billing over Judy Garland.

Center: Although Mickey had been born into vaudeville he came late to Broadway, making his debut in Sugar Babies when he was nearly 60 years old. As you may imagine, Mickey was thrilled with the Hirschfeld drawing of him in his first Broadway show.  Shown above is a detail from the larger Sugar Babies drawing, and it shows Mickey Rooney and his co-star Ann Miller. The complete drawing can be found on our Website When Mickey tried to acquire the drawing, we had already sold it. Because of this, Mickey had us create a Hirschfeld Giclée to add to his Hirschfeld Collection.

Mickey Rooney’s talent will always be remembered and, we daresay, his films will be watched for decades to come. Our friend will truly be missed.

Woody Allen by Al Hirschfeld Woody Allen and Diane Keaton by Al Hirschfeld

Left: This is the Hirschfeld Lithograph that replaced WOODY ALLEN at the Golden Globe Awards: Hand signed by Al Hirschfeld. The edition size is 75 numbered impressions in Black and White with a silver flower to honor the Silver Screen, plus 150 numbered impressions in Technicolor. More Information

Center: Woody Allen’s longtime friend and co-star DIANE KEATON accepts the Cecil B. Demille Award for Lifetime Achievement on Allen’s behalf at the 2014 Golden Globes. Brava Diane! for your perfect acceptance speech: “Make new friends, but keep the old...” The backdrop is Al Hirschfeld’s drawing of both actors in the 1977 film, Annie Hall.

maximilian-schell-judgment at nuremberg by al hirschfeld maximilian-schell-odessa-file by al hirschfeld leonard bernstein and maximilian schell by al hirschfeld

Margo Feiden says Goodbye to MAXIMILIAN SCHELL. Max became a client in 1974, and then became a beloved friend. He will be remembered every day.

Left: JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, the courtroom scene that earned Maximilian Schell the Oscar for Best Actor on April 3, 1961. Original Crow Quill Pen & Ink Drawing on Artists’ Board, Hand signed by Al Hirschfeld in ink, 1961, 27" x 21". Al Hirschfeld Archive #10003.More Information

Center: THE ODESSA FILE, Original Crow Quill Pen & Ink Drawing on Artists’ Board. Hand signed by Al Hirschfeld in ink, 1974, 27" x 21". Al Hirschfeld Archive #589.More Information

Right: LEONARD BERNSTEIN AND MAXIMILIAN SCHELL PRESENT BEETHOVEN, Original Crow Quill Pen & Ink Drawing on Artists’ Board. Hand signed by Al Hirschfeld in ink, 1981, 22" x 28". Commissioned by Public Broadcasting for the 1982 documentary series, “BERNSTEIN/BEETHOVEN,” Beethoven’s nine symphonies are presented by Leonard Bernstein, with commentary by Maximilian Schell. Al Hirschfeld Archive #1179. More Information

carol-channing-happy-birthday by Al Hirschfeld carol-channing-hello-dolly by Al Hirschfeld carol-channing-three-dimensions by Al Hirschfeld

Left: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear friend and client of 40 years, CAROL CHANNING, January 31. This fabulous birthday cake shows Carol as she was portrayed by her friend Al Hirschfeld, adorned in the stunning red dress that she wore in HELLO DOLLY! Channing won the 1964 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

Center: Hello, Dolly! Carol Channing. Hand signed by Al Hirschfeld. Etching, Edition Size: 175, 24" x 18". More Information

Right: Al Hirshfeld’s Carol Channing in Three Dimensions at the Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd. More Photographs

Truman Capote by Al Hirschfeld

We remember PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN with this portrait of TRUMAN CAPOTE. Hirschfeld created this Pen & Ink portrait in 1976. Our Gallery sold the portrait immediately. In 2005, the producers of Hoffman’s film, CAPOTE, wanted this Hirschfeld portrait as a gift to Hoffman to celebrate his Oscar-winning title role in “Capote.” We created this Hirschfeld Giclée for the producers to give to Philip Seymour Hoffman. More Information

Jerome Kern by Al Hirschfeld

We remember JEROME KERN on the anniversary of his birthday, January 27, 1885. This great American composer gave us hundreds of wonderful songs including, “Ol’ Man River,” “All The Things You Are,” and “The Way You Look Tonight.” Perhaps Kern’s best known Broadway and Movie Musical is his enduring SHOW BOAT. The Al Hirschfeld portrait of Jerome Kern, as seen here, was licensed through our Gallery for “Sheet Music Magazine,” January 1980. See: Great American Songwriters

Alan Alda by Al Hirschfeld

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALAN ALDA, January 28! TV Guide commissioned this Al Hirschfeld portrait of Alan Alda through our Gallery for the magazine’s cover, issue of April 25, 1981. It shows Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce in the TV Series, M*A *S* H. In this role, Alda won a multitude of awards, including 6 Emmys, 6 Golden Globes, and 5 People’s Choice Awards.